All You Need to Know About the Apollo Half Rack

All You Need to Know About the Apollo Half Rack

The Apollo Half Rack is a versatile performance strength training area made for smaller areas compared to our Power Rack. The Half Rack is a tool that allows you to be able to lift heavy weights safely without taking up too much space. Paired with a couple other items you are able to do a complete workout from targeting upper to lower body.

What makes the Apollo Half Rack special?

Made with 11-gauge steel beams, the Apollo is a 3x3 half rack able to hold up to 1500lbs and fitted with 10 weight horns, for easy storage and access to plates needed for your workout. The Apollo Half Rack comes in three different colors: black with a flat matte textured finish. The rack also has a built in pull-up bar at the top with a weight capacity of 400lbs and features multiple height adjustment options to ensure the safest and most comfortable racking and un-racking experience for everyone. It is equipped with a pair of j-hooks that are made with VHMW plastic and rubber lined to protect against scratching and wear on your bar’s knurling from multiple points of entry. The j-hooks are designed to be easily adjustable while still maintaining the most security when racking your bar. The hooks slide into the 1-inch holes throughout the clean area and lock in place so that the bar is secure. Standing at 92 inches high (7.6 ft.) and 49 inches wide with a depth of 51 inches there is plenty of room for any kind of lift. If the half rack wasn’t secure enough already, it also features places on the feet for the rack to be bolted down.


Lower Body

Whether you are targeting your glutes, hamstrings, or quadriceps, the Apollo Half Rack can handle it all. The Apollo Half Rack paired with Troy’s interlocking urethane plates you can lift as heavy as you want. With the rack, you can also do lunge variations like a reverse lunge, curtsey lung, or side lunges with the bar in the half rack area and know that if you fail a lift the rack’s safety spotters got you covered. The Apollo Half Rack combined with a Flat Incline Decline (FID) bench also makes for the perfect opportunity to get full use out of the rack. With the FID bench, you are able to transform the half rack into a benching area as well as a place to do exercises like hip thrusts and other variations.

Upper Body

With the Apollo Half Rack and an FID bench you can target the chest area with either the standard chest press or incline chest press. The half rack can also be a station where you train your back muscles. From pull-ups and chin up to bent-over rows, the workout combinations are limitless when using the Apollo Half Rack.

Try It Yourself

The next time you want to do all your workouts in one place, try doing it on the Apollo Half Rack. #TrainTroy
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