Building stronger bodies in athletic weight rooms

Building stronger bodies in athletic weight rooms

At many clubs, colleges, and universities, the athletic weight room is a critical recruiting tool. It entails a massive, multi-million dollar facility with customization down to the very carpet. Some programs take a much more subtle approach and focus on broader details – team-colored power racks, logo flooring, and, yes, custom logo free weights.

Regardless of budget, custom gym equipment's end goal is to instill a sense of pride in the athletes who will be building their bodies within these spaces. Most importantly, it establishes an image that marks a shift from being a gym to a branded experience.

Custom logo free weights

A key customizable component that is attainable with most athletic budgets is free weight customization. In fact, this is one of the most common requests by these programs.

At Troy Fitness, we offer both vinyl and laser-engraving for most of our urethane free weights under the TROY and VTX lines. The key difference between the two is that a laser-engraved custom logo is exactly as it is named, precision engraved on the urethane via laser.

Further, adding team branding to these spaces suddenly makes the area into a marketable tool, whether by recruiting or having an athlete take a photo within the space. It also sends an obvious message – a program willing to invest in their weight room invests in their athletes' health and longevity and the program.

Future Innovation

The possibilities for creating a branded space are endless. We recognize this opportunity, which is why we have innovated new products like the TROY G-PR Power Rack and Cerakote-coated barbells. With a broader range of customizable products down the line.