Healthy for the Holidays

Healthy for the Holidays
Tis’ the season for family, friends, and tempting foods. With Thanksgiving just passing and Christmas and New Year’s around the corner, health and fitness is usually the last thing on our minds. Whether it be from the busy holiday schedules or family gatherings and holiday parties, or just feeling sluggish due to the colder weather our healthy lifestyles are usually pushed back until after the New Year. However, let’s try to start early on our New Year’s resolutions this year. Here are some tips to keep you healthy for the holidays.
Stay Active!
Keep yourself moving! Staying active, even for just 30 minutes a day, can increase your energy levels, reduce stress and tension, and of course burn calories. Either schedule some time to do a quick workout at the gym or at home to get your heart pumping. You can even invite your family to join in, the more the merrier! Just look at your week ahead of time and block out times that are the best for a quick exercise.
Traveling for the holidays? Plan ahead, pack some resistance bands for a quick strength workout when you have time! If working out seems like a daunting task, you can get creative with your workouts. Go on a walk outside or opt for going out to holiday shop rather than doing it online. You can park far from the entrance so that you walk further to get to the store and walking from store to store, carrying all the bags will be sure to burns some calories!
Another way to stay active this holiday season is to take part in seasonal activities! Go to the nearest ice skating rink for an intense and challenging workout! Want to go sledding? How about after sledding down, you can do hill sprints when going back to the top for another turn. Depending on if you live near mountains or hiking paths, what a better way to get active than being with nature and amazing scenery.
Be Realistic
Denying yourself of all the holiday food is torture. So since it is the holiday season, you should be realistic and enjoy yourself! You do not have to watch what you eat to be healthy for the holidays, try to have smaller portions and eat in moderation. Also, try to go for more of the healthier foods. The more you deny yourself the food you want, the more you crave it. Just recognize that it is just one night, for some maybe a couple of nights, so it is okay to indulge occasionally.
Stay Hydrated
Drink plenty of water! Not only does it help fight off getting sick, but it can also keep you full so that you do not overindulge in food this holiday season. Water can make you feel fuller the more you drink, which in turn will make you want to eat less.