Stretching and Rolling Out: What You Need To Know!

Stretching and Rolling Out: What You Need To Know!

Before your workout, it is important to warm up your muscles! Warmed-up muscles increase blood flow preventing injury. Incorporating a 10-30 minute to stretch and/or roll out into your workout routine are some ways you can do that. Stretching and rolling doesn’t just help prevent injury but they also:

  • Decrease muscle stiffness
  • Increase range of motion
  • Improves posture
  • Relieves post-exercise soreness
  • Helps recovery


You can use bands such as VTX Loop Bands or the VTX Flat Loop Bands to help you reach further in your stretch to increase mobility. With bands, there are many ways to use them to stretch; you can attach them to a pole so that you can have stable point to pull from. You can also place it around different parts of your body to target specific areas. There is also the VTX Yoga Block that you can use as an extension of your arms when you stretch and can provide support for your back, head, and hips.

Areas to Stretch Using Accessories

Chest and Shoulders

Hamstrings and Glutes


Rolling Out

When you slowly roll back and forth on the tender area it loosens and break up the tension in your muscles, this is similar to getting a massage. You can use foam rollers such as the VTX Foam Roller or the VTX Advanced Foam Roller to alleviate sore muscles. Foam rollers are usually used to roll out the leg and back areas.

Rollers can be used either before or after your workout. Rolling out before your workout can help your range of motion for your exercise preventing injury. It breaks up the knots in your muscles and allows more blood flow. Post-workout rolling enhances your muscle recovery and lengthens muscles similar to stretching.

Some Areas to Target When You Roll





Upper Back

Active recovery is just as important as your workout, so keep that in mind next you go to the gym! Check out the new VTX Accessories Line and for more information email