Which Bumper Plate is Right for You?

Which Bumper Plate is Right for You?
First, let us talk durometer; durometer is a way of measuring the hardness of the weight plate. The larger the durometer the less bounce the plate will have. 
You may be asking, "why I would want bounce or no bounce in my plates?" Well the simple way of saying it is that it is simply a preference. There is a price difference in low and high bounce plates. The low bounce plates are more expensive because of the material used to make the plate. If you decide to get a high bounce plate, you risk damaging your bar if you are using the plates for something like deadlifts or squat snatches and then dropping the bar. When you drop the bar and the plates are, bouncing high it will cause the bar to bend and flex. Therefore, you may be asking why you would want to buy high bounce plates. Well if you are not one to be dropping your bar from up high or at all, you could save some coin by buying the high bounce plates.
Below is a list of recommended high and low bounce bumpers from Troy Barbell & Fitness.
Low Bounce (premium)
Troy Premium Rubber Bumper Plates
  • Durometer: 90.5
  • Molded using high-grade rubber over a solid cast iron core
  • 190mm hard chrome insert
  • Available in Olympic colors or Black rubber
  • Custom logo options available
Troy Competition Bumper Plates
  • Durometer: 90.5
  • The premium rubber used allows them to withstand 30,000 drops
  • They have a dead blow when dropped, with very little bounce.
  • A larger, solid steel core creates a thinner and more durable plate
  • A precise 50.2mm center hole provides a snug fit on the bar
  • Custom logo options available 
High Bounce
Solid Rubber Bumper Plates
  • Durometer: 78.5
  • Solid Rubber Bumper Plates with solid steel inserts
  • USA Solid Rubber Bumper Plates
  • Features
  • Durometer: 87.5
  • Black solid rubber with steel inserts
Now that you have an understanding of bumper plates and which one might be best for you, don’t hesitate to email marketing@troybarbell.com for more information or visit our website troyfitness.com for a quote.